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About Me

Hi, my name is Margaret Pemberton and I have been writing ever since I can remember. The majority of my 35 novels are under my own name, but 4 are under the pseudonym Rebecca Dean and 4 are under the pseudonym Maggie Hudson. I have had a Rebecca Dean website for some time, but this is the first official website to cover all my titles. I am a Yorkshire girl and Yorkshire creeps into many of my novels. The Fenton family in A SEASON OF SECRETS are a north Yorkshire family. Ella, in BENEATH THE CYPRESS TREE, is a Yorkshire girl, as is Rose Sugden in YORKSHIRE ROSE. Many years ago I married a Londoner and I lived in south London until we moved to the idyllic harbour-side town of Whitstable ten years ago.

We have five children – two of whom are married to Americans and live in America – and three grandchildren. Dogs have always played a large part in my life and I have a cocker spaniel, Bruno, and a blind rescue Yorkshire terrier, Archie. From my desk I have a glorious view of the sea and at the end of a writing day the beach is perfect for dog walking and mulling over what my characters are going to do next.

I have served as Chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and served three times as a committee member of the Crime Writers’ Association. I love my writing life, and one of the best parts is being able to share the pleasure and satisfaction it gives me with my readers. I’d love to hear from you. Details of how you can do so are on my contact page.


Passion & Betrayal. Love & War

In the summer of 1935 Kate Shelton, Ella Tetley and Daphne St.Maur graduate with Classics degrees from Oxford University. Kate is eager to start work on an archaeological dig straight away and her brother Kit, a director at the famous Knossos palace site in Crete, offers her a position there. However, Kate doesn’t bargain for being under the tutelage of brusque site director Lewis Sinclair, or for her complex feelings towards him. In Yorkshire, Ella’s family hope she will marry Sam, who is training to be a doctor, but Ella is also pulled to the Mediterranean by the promise of independence and when she meets Christos Kourakis at the dig, life as a GP’s wife becomes less appealing.Daphne throws herself into London high society, falling in love with diplomat Sholto Hertford and when Sholto’s work brings them to Crete her life becomes as entwined with the island as theirs. All the while there are threats of war as reports of Hitler’s rapid expansion across Europe becomes impossible to ignore and when, with great savagery, war engulfs Crete it turns friends into enemies and lovers into fighters.

The book is published by PanMacmillan 23rd March 2017