Sagas With an International Flavour


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It is 1966 and Abbra, a Californian college girl has been married for only a few weeks when her husband, a professional soldier, flies off to fight the Vietcong. Serena is English, the daughter of an earl. Her American playboy husband abandons her on their wedding day and when she next hears of him is a U.S. Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Gabrielle, half-Vietnamese and half-French, is a nightclub singer in Paris when she is swept off her feet by a handsome Australian reporter, only to be alone and pregnant when he leaves for Saigon to cover the war. When their husbands are reported missing the three girls find a strength which carries them through despair into hope. Together they set out for Vietnam to find the men they loved – and in doing so find themselves. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][vc_column_text]

‘A heartfelt story of heroism.’

More Magazine

‘The compelling, heart-breaking story of three women with nothing in common but the tragedy of war, and one that has been written with passion.’

Maggie Pringle – Today

‘A big novel about three women, their men and the Vietnam, war. With memorable characters, a tough plot, touching loyalties and unpredictable conclusions, It’s great.’

Sarah Broadhurst – The Bookseller

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