Sagas With an International Flavour


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In June 1944, in occupied France, the Normandy villagers eagerly await the Allied Invasion. But for Lisette de Valmy, torn between love for her country and her love for a German officer, liberation can bring only pain. Tragedy follows and amid the devastation of war-torn Europe, Lisette has to build her life anew. Willing to be convinced that she can and must love again, she finds herself having to choose between two very different men. But the past still threatens and Lisette must learn to live with a deception begun long ago, a deception that can never be forgotten.
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‘Emotionally gripping and written with storytelling power.’

The Bookseller

‘By the time you finish the first chapter of Margaret Pemberton’s new novel, you will be thoroughly hooked, turning the pages as fast as your eyes can read for she has written a novel of spellbinding intensity.’

Rave Magazine

‘Margaret Pemberton’s compelling tale of love during wartime humanizes the enemy and shows that war affects everyone.’


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